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car phone holder

What is the best car phone holder

It is not recommended to hold your cell phone in your hand while driving, for example if you need to navigate with its GPS application, as this is ...
Ceramic treatment

Ceramic treatment: the truth behind the promises

One of the most notable changes in detailing in recent years has been the popularity of nano protection or ceramic treatment. Everyone is always i...
How often car oil change

How often car oil change

Your mechanic has asked you if you want to change your engine oil, and you have no idea what to tell him? It's normal, it's difficult to know exac...



It's truly natural to be skeptical about products you buy online. I've bought some products before that did not look anything like it was in the picture. But luckily I stumbled upon Car Lovables and there's no looking back! It's my favorite place to order accessories for my cars because they never disappoint.

Gilbert H.


I got the 'Car Head Up Display' for my husband as a birthday gift and it arrived faster than I expected. He loved the product and I can't thank Car Lovables enough.

Carol J.


Every order from Car Lovables has been an amazing experience. A must-visit site if you're a motorhead like me. Most importantly their customer support is just outstanding. I had a problem with my order and they arranged everything for me within 24 hours.

Shawn M.