car phone holder

What is the best car phone holder

It is not recommended to hold your cell phone in your hand while driving, for example if you need to navigate with its GPS application, as this is ...
Ceramic treatment

Ceramic treatment: the truth behind the promises

One of the most notable changes in detailing in recent years has been the popularity of nano protection or ceramic treatment. Everyone is always i...
How often car oil change

How often car oil change

Your mechanic has asked you if you want to change your engine oil, and you have no idea what to tell him? It's normal, it's difficult to know exac...
car battery replacement

How often car battery replacement

The role of the battery The battery have a double role: To provide the electrical power needed by the starter motor to start the engine. To suppl...
how to use obd II scanner

how to use obd II scanner

If you're reading this, you've probably just invested in or are considering investing in an OBD automotive diagnostic tool. Here's how to use obd I...