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Detailing : definition principles & fundamentals of car detailing

Detailing : definition principles & fundamentals of car detailing

Detailing car definition

Car detailing is a high performance cleaning, restoration and finishing of a car, both inside and outside, to a level of quality detail.

It is not the time spent that defines whether it is detailing or not (even though each process carried out with meticulous care often takes time), but it is each action carried out with great care, application and search for optimal quality results.

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Discover also our detailing dictionary to understand the terms and expressions used.

Background of the story
Professional retailing services and the sale of retailing products to professionals and amateurs represent a commercial power in places where automobiles are the main mode of transportation.

In the U.S. alone, the professional and home retailing industry generates revenues of more than $9 billion/year.

Components of retailing

Detailing is generally divided into 2 categories:

There are products and services that focus specifically on these two areas.

External detailing :

Exterior detailing includes:

Cleaning and restoring or improving the condition of the surface (body) of the car (usually a nice paint with a glossy finish)

Chrome-plated surface
Wheels and tires
Other components visible on the outside of the vehicle
A wide range of car care products and techniques are used to carry out this work, depending on :

Type of surface
Surface condition
Preference of the detailer
Products include (non exhaustive list) mainly :

Acid-free detergent and degreaser: to break down dirt and grime
Clay bar or clay bar: to remove contaminants incorporated in the car's paintwork
Wax and polish: to recreate a protective layer and add shine to the paintwork
A variety of applicators
Microfiber cloths of different types
Some paint correction products :

Some accessories :

Here is a carlovers computer graphics of auto geek steps of paint correction:

Computer graphics of the steps of paint correction detailing
Interior detailing :
It includes a thorough cleaning of the entire interior of the car.

The interior of cars from the last 50 years offers a variety of materials inside the car such as :

The fabrics of synthetic carpets
Various natural fibers
Carbon fiber
Different techniques and car renovation products are used to clean these different materials.

The vacuum cleaner is one of the basic cleaning devices for the interior of a car, the steamer, the tornador, chemicals, as well as brushes can be used to remove stains on upholstery.

Some porous or non-porous surfaces can also be polished (such as the body).

Here is a Youtube video that will give you an overview of the detailing of a Ferrari:

As broad as the detailing process may be, it does not generally include corrective actions such as major repairs in the auto repair shop.

Detailing is the science of auto cleaning and restoration, but it is not the science of auto and auto repair shops.