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Jimbo Detailing: his favorite products for the exterior of a vehicle

Jimbo Detailing: his favorite products for the exterior of a vehicle

Jimbo detailing best car products

Jimbo'd Detailing is a channel we told you about in our Youtube detailing channels article.

Well known for his comparisons of retailing products with an expensive one, Jimbo is a sincere person who always explains the reasons why he likes or dislikes a product, without sponsoring, free of his words.

We are always curious to know each other's favorite products, because it allows us to discover, share our preferences, and therefore to exchange and evolve constantly.

Jimbo being American, it is possible that you may not find all the products in your country.

Jimbo's Youtube video will allow you to discover his preferences in terms of car detailing products for the exterior of a vehicle:

Here is a summary of this video by product category. The links in blue will allow you to read an article about the product.

1 Outdoor washing

Optimum No Rinse (ONR): for a wash without rinsing
Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam: nice foam without using a lot of products and smells like gum.

2 Wheel washing

Adam's Wheel & Tire Cleaner
P&S Brake Duster
Proje' All-In-One Cleaner (APC)
Proje' Acidic Wheel Cleaner: for very dirty rims
Superior California Cover All: shiny tire (equivalent to Meguiar's Insane Shine Tire Coating)

3 Exterior protection

ADG Wipe Out: very versatile like ONR (leave-in cleaner)
Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax: a synthetic wax that can be applied anywhere.
Turtle Wax ICE Sealant Shine
Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray: easy to use and leaves fewer streaks than Turtle Traces
The Last Coat (TLC)
You can buy some of these products here :

4 Glass cleaner

Optimum No Rinse
ADG Wipe Out

5 Polish

Turtle Wax Ceramic Polish & Wax Wax (an all-in-one)
Technicians Choice Ceramic One Step Polish
We note the growing use in detailing of "all in one" or AIO products and the response of brands that offer more and more of them, and this trend is expected to crescendo. It is a time saver and technologies are evolving, the products offered are more and more efficient and sometimes really amazing.

6 Correction of paint (compound)

Meguiar's M100 Pro Speed Compound: for deep scratches in one step. Slightly less aggressive than the M110
Meguiar's M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound

7 Polisher and pads

Rupes iBrid Nano long neck (best price in our article)
Griot's Garage G9
Buff & Shine foam pads (blue and brown)
You can buy the cheapest Rupes ibrid polisher here at 478 € (shipping included) :buy rupes nano polisher cheap

8 Microfiber towel

Dreadnought: thick drying microfiber towel
Quality microfiber towels
From a simple wash to the correction of a painting, the quality of the microfiber towels is paramount and really makes the difference.