How to use Anti Fog Spray
How to use Anti Fog Spray
How to use Anti Fog Spray
How to use Anti Fog Spray
How to use Anti Fog Spray

How to use Anti Fog Spray

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Prevent Fogging on Your Car’s Windshield and Mirrors Efficiently to Drive Safely on the Road!


It’s really difficult to drive when there’s fog on the windows. It’s also dangerous to drive in this kind of situation. So what can you do to avoid this? Simple, use the best car anti fog treatment to get a good anti-fog layer on your windows!


  • EFFECTIVE ANTI FOG SPRAY: We all know the struggle of rushing into our car on a cold or rainy day and having to find out that the windows are completely blurred can be such a pain. No one has time to blast on the heater and wait. But luckily that problem is all gone! Our anti fog spray prevents the fog layer and the water vapor layer from appearing on the glass surface keeps the glass translucent.

  • SAFE MATERIAL: The spray consists of nano-particles, that are hydrophilic and easily adhering to the glass surface. Formulated with safe and non-toxic components. All of the components are totally harmless.

  • SUPER EASY TO APPLY: Make sure to clean the glass and spray a thin layer on the inside of the glass. Spread it evenly with a towel and your windows will stay protected for about a month!

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Can be used for outdoor windshield, car glasses, car rearview mirror, goggles, etc. Prevents fog from appearing at any temperature.


An anti fog spray: what is it?


We all know that stressful moment when the fog on the window pane is so opaque that you can no longer see in the rear-view mirror... There are already a thousand and one grandmother's tricks (more or less effective) to remove the fog that sticks to your windows: white vinegar, cat litter and even shaving foam! In any case, anti-fog is supposed to be a magical product that makes the damn fog inside your vehicle disappear. It is therefore a practical and safe product. Indeed, with the fog your visibility is reduced and the risks of accidents are more likely, the fog should not prevent you from driving safely.

How to use anti fog spray

To maximize the product's effectiveness, it is strongly recommended to apply it to clean windows. Clean your windows and windshield carefully and let dry thoroughly. When this is done, put a few drops of anti fog product on a clean cloth and spread it over the entire surface to be treated. Scrub vigorously and do not hesitate to apply a good coat. Finally, the well applied product should not be visible to the naked eye. That's it, you just have to roll!

Precautions for use :

Do not wear to the eyes (risk of irritation). If you have touched your eyes: rinse with water for several minutes. Remove your contact lenses or those of the victim.
Keep out of reach of children.
Contains METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE (a very long name meaning danger).
Do not ingest.


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