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Magic Cleaning Clay Sponge

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Get a Perfectly Smooth, Detailed Finishing Car Look! Using Our Clay Sponge car 

Have you ever wondered why the premium car wash result is as smooth as glass? Magic Cleaning Clay Sponge car is a tool that can help you to keep your car looks like a new one. It helps maintain a smooth, clean finish.


    • HIGH QUALITY: Made of alumina silicon carbide and sponge, good flexibility, rapid and effective decontamination. The high-quality materials ensure the clay pad can last for 5-6 times longer and the result is even better than the traditional clay bar.

    • REUSABLE: The magic eraser instantly removes stains without detergent. It simply makes dirt disappear and brings lots of conveniences. Easy and safe to remove stubborn grease, insect stains, rust stains, stainless steel stains plating stains, etc.

    • SCRATCH-FREE: Clay pad applies to car surfaces that with any color and will never leave scratches to the surface. Perfect to remove different kinds of blots such as rust, grease, dead insects contamination and over-spray, etc.

    • TIME, MONEY & LABOR SAVER: Finish car cleaning or car care in half of time and labor with our magic clay sponge. Easy to grip design makes it easy to hold and apply pressure.

After a good wash it is essential to carry out a renovation to obtain a completely smooth and clean surface ready for polishing or waxing. These contaminations are not particularly visible to the naked eye but are present on your bodywork.

What kind of contamination and how do I know if my vehicle is contaminated?

It can be tar, industrial fallout, resin, road film... When passing the back of your hand over the body of your vehicle, you may feel a rough, unsmooth touch. The good news is that a good decontamination will allow you to regain a beautiful new look.

This step is crucial and should be done at each renovation (every 6 months) or before each waxing. To know how to use the clay, please watch the video above.

You will need a  Clay Sponge Car.

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