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Tornado High Pressure Cleaning Gun

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Completely Clean Your Car Without Suffering Any Interior Damage Using Our Car Tornado Cleaner

Have you ever imagine washing your car from the inside? It seems impossible because water may damage or may produce a foul odor. Having your car for a year and not being cleaned properly from the inside may cause irritation to your skin.

This Tornado High-Pressure Cleaning Gun is an innovative device wherein cleaning every side of your car without harming the parts/interior is now possible. It is equipped with a smart water spray with a unique dry blower.

Convenient and easy to use our car interior cleaner air compressor, it can also be used to wash near your engine.


Wash Your Car's Interior - Completely clean your car without damaging the interior.

Blow Dry & Water-sprayer - A smartly created water-sprayer that just provide enough to clean the part. Blow-dry that will instantly dry the wet parts.

Pot Cover with Copper Connection - This will maximize the durability of the product, prevents getting rust.

Easy Grip Alloy Handle - You'll be able to hold the product easily without stressing your arms or hand.


Tornador: How does it work? Advantages & Disadvantages

The tornador is a specially designed tool that uses compressed air to remove dirt from a certain surface.

In the funnel-shaped tip, the air rotates very quickly, which makes it possible to work on a much larger surface.

Cleaning with air
The tornador is an effective tool in detailing to clean surfaces.

Due to its rotating nozzle, the air is blown out so that you can work on a larger surface, compared to a normal air sprayer. This rotation causes the air to have different angles and cleans the dust from different angles. This is very effective on fabrics.

It is also very effective for cleaning small crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

How does the tornador work?
The tornador is connected to an air compressor. When the pressure is high enough, the tornador can be used. The air flowing through the system passes through the fine straw inside the funnel-shaped nozzle.

This causes the fine straw to rotate very quickly in circles, while blowing air forward. This creates a circle of high pressure air coming out at the front, which can be used to blow over a surface. The tornador can be moved almost perpendicular to the surface and provides even diffusion.

Tornador and products
The tornador can be used in combination with the products you want. The tank bottle can be filled with any liquid. The liquid added to the air creates a foam and sprays a surface.

The tornador can also be used without any cleaning agent, simply to spray expelled water under high pressure offering cleaning power with pressurized water.

What can you do with the tornador?
This effective cleaning tool can be used for different jobs, for example :

  • Cleaning of floor carpets
  • Cleaning interior carpeting
  • Apply cleaning products
  • Clean spaces and crevices
  • Clean any type of interior fabric
  • Removing dog hair from carpets
  • Apply liquids under pressure without the need for a high-pressure cleaner

Advantages and disadvantages of the tornador
There are advantages and disadvantages in using a tornador.

The advantages:

It is very effective in cleaning
It's a cheap piece of equipment.
It allows you to do different things (versatile and practical)
There are several accessories for the tornador
It can be used with many different cleaning products
The foaming effect can make a cleaning product more effective.
Car parts need regular maintenance

The disadvantages:

You have to have a high-capacity air compressor at your disposal
You may need a dial to adjust the pressure...
The rotating straw is brittle and prone to breakage.
Dirt is expelled, "flies" in all directions...
The dust that is expelled is carried by the air, which can make other surfaces dusty.
Liquids that are too thick can clog the sprayer.
Which compressor to choose for the Tornador?
You are wondering which compressor to choose, how many litres and what is the optimal flow rate?

Here are the Tornador recommendations: 90 litres at the very least.

However, we recommend a minimum of 100 litres, the best starting at 150 litres.

What is important to remember is the air flow rate delivered by the compressor (expressed in litres/minute). The capacity of the compressor in litres is not the only criterion and can lead to confusion. For example, you may have a 50-litre compressor that generates 290L/min while a 100-litre compressor can generate 270L/min or 240L/min.

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